The M28 module is the fast, flexible and reliable System On Module (SOM) solution based on the new i.MX287 processor by Freescale Semiconductor. The i.MX287 is the most feature rich device in the i.MX28 family. Optimized for performance and power consumption, the i.MX287 boasts of a premium feature set that includes: dual CAN, dual Ethernet, and LCD touch screen. The i.MX287 is an ideal fit for portable devices that require rich user interfaces with high color displays for presented information and user interaction.


M28 is predestined for numerous embedded projects by its unique characteristics:

  • small footprint
  • lowest power dissipation
  • best possible pricing for both single units as well as high project quantities
  • up to date software support for U-Boot and Linux
  • tools and Quick Start Guides to get up and running with M28